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A podcast for book lovers,
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So you watched Hamilton… Now what? Musical and book recommendations for all!

Ep. #460 – On today’s episode, Jill and Adam share some of their favorite musicals and book recommendations based off those productions. Yes, it’s obviously based off of Hamilton being out last weekend. Register to join our Social Justice Zoom event with Kimberly Jones and Gilly Segal – https://overdrive.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_GAPg11U0SMq6kz9iKqOgkA Buy a PBN t-shirt and support […]
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We’re not just book nerds, we’re Professional Book Nerds® (PBN) who work at OverDrive, the industry-leading app for eBooks and audiobooks through your local library and school. With over a half million downloads, readers and librarians turn to the PBN team for weekly expert book recommendations, author interviews and all things books.

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Adam Sockel

Adam Sockel is one half of the Professional Book Nerds podcast. He’s been working at OverDrive since 2010 where he’s responsible for helping new users discover OverDrive around the world and manages the OverDrive library blog.

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Jill Grunewald

Jill Grunenwald is the creator and other half of the Professional Book Nerds Podcast and loves talking about books almost as much as she loves reading them. She joined OverDrive in 2015 as a Collection Development Analyst, helping libraries select and purchase content for their users.

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“I love this podcast. They are thoughtful about the books they talk about, interview great authors, and give great recommendations!”

-Dawnrrice, iTunes user

“Their recommendations are fabulous and the author interviews are wonderful. there are many books I have read and enjoyed thanks to the Professional Book Nerds. And that is the best name ever. Can we get stickers or t-shirts?”

-Citrus Sunshine, iTunes user

“I visited the podcast twice this year, and it was an absolute joy both times. The questions are wonderful, the book nerdery is great, and it also happens to be a fantastic way to get the word out!”

-Marieke Nijkamp, author of This Is Where It Ends

“The PBN’s enthusiasm for literature comes through in insightful, well researched questions and their lively repartee with the authors”

-Margaret Coffee, National Accounts Manager

“I’m always looking for my next book. Friends’ recommendations are great but tend to stay in their categories. This podcast delivers a lot of options in a lot of categories I would never have been exposed to.”

-Karen, Professional Book Nerds fan

“Perfect podcast for anyone looking for what books to checkout next.”

-#LibraryLover🔥, iTunes user


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(Arriving in your timeline like @DaveedDiggs singing "What Did I Miss?")

OKAY! So you've watched #Hamilton 10 times already. Now what?

How about a bunch of book recommendations based on some of our favorite musicals?

Take a listen:

Join the @ProBookNerds on 7/16 for a live social justice conversation with NYT best selling authors Kimberly Jones & Gilly Segal.

Register: https://overdrive.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_GAPg11U0SMq6kz9iKqOgkA

Out of context gif tweet which will not make sense to anyone other than @what_eats_owls for a month until our episode goes live...

Getting ready to interview @what_eats_owls and I currently have several tabs of weird birds pulled up in chrome... For research. This will be fun.

A #Twitch-like streaming service but it's a video over our shoulder reading books saying, "Oh, that's a good line." over and over.

Keep reading BIPOC authors.
Keep listening to the stories of diverse humans.
Keep sharing what you learn.
Keep lifting up those who need and deserve it.
Keep promoting voices who need to be heard.


CINDERELLA IS DEAD is out today!!!!

Queer Black girls overthrowing the patriarchy! What’s not to love!

Pick up today at Bookshop: https://bookshop.org/books/cinderella-is-dead/9781547603879

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