A podcast for book lovers,
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A podcast for book lovers,
by book lovers

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We’re not just book nerds, we’re Professional Book Nerds® (PBN) who work at OverDrive, the industry-leading app for eBooks and audiobooks through your local library and school. With over a half million downloads, readers and librarians turn to the PBN team for weekly expert book recommendations, author interviews and all things books.

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Emma Dwyer

Emma Dwyer is a Product Trainer at OverDrive, where she provides support to Public Library partners. Prior to joining the Training team, Emma was an OverDrive Content Specialist and she brings a great deal of library, publishing, and book knowledge to her current team.

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Joe Skelley

Joe Skelley manages the tour route for OverDrive’s Digital Bookmobile and helps introduce new users to Libby through virtual training sessions. In college, Joe majored in promotional communications, and literature reading everything from the classics to local authors in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

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Jill Grunewald

Jill Grunenwald is the creator and other half of the Professional Book Nerds Podcast and loves talking about books almost as much as she loves reading them. She joined OverDrive in 2015 as a Collection Development Analyst, helping libraries select and purchase content for their users.

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What people are saying

“I love this podcast. They are thoughtful about the books they talk about, interview great authors, and give great recommendations!”

-Dawnrrice, iTunes user

“Their recommendations are fabulous and the author interviews are wonderful. there are many books I have read and enjoyed thanks to the Professional Book Nerds. And that is the best name ever. Can we get stickers or t-shirts?”

-Citrus Sunshine, iTunes user

“I visited the podcast twice this year, and it was an absolute joy both times. The questions are wonderful, the book nerdery is great, and it also happens to be a fantastic way to get the word out!”

-Marieke Nijkamp, author of This Is Where It Ends

“The PBN’s enthusiasm for literature comes through in insightful, well researched questions and their lively repartee with the authors”

-Margaret Coffee, National Accounts Manager

“I’m always looking for my next book. Friends’ recommendations are great but tend to stay in their categories. This podcast delivers a lot of options in a lot of categories I would never have been exposed to.”

-Karen, Professional Book Nerds fan

“Perfect podcast for anyone looking for what books to checkout next.”

-#LibraryLover?, iTunes user


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Recent news

When I lost my sister in 2018, I didn't know what to do with my grief/fear. So I wrote it all down in a book of sun-drenched horrors, scary girls, and bees. LOTS of bees 🐝😈🌈

Buzz buzz bitches, #TheHoneys are here🐝 Thank you all 💕

🔗 to buy:

Emma had the immense pleasure of chatting with @aliciabooks about her book, Love in the Time of Serial Killers! Check it out now! https://professionalbooknerds.com/interview-with-alicia-thompson-author-of-love-in-the-time-of-serial-killers/

Today Emma and Joe are joined by returning friend Rachel, and Christian from @kanopy to offer up some book and movie pairings you can borrow from your library!

Let us know what your ideal book and movie pairing for this weekend is replies 📚🎥

Listen: https://professionalbooknerds.com/

Today Joe talks with @margotfharrison about her new book We Made It All Up!

Come and listen as they talk vintage YA reads, fan fiction, and Margot’s hippie mom.


Did you read fan fiction? Let us know I’m reply!


The @ProBookNerds discuss the latest #BigLibraryRead pick, 'The Girl in His Shadow,' with the authors behind the pen name. This episode was recorded as part of a live virtual event. Don’t miss it!

Listen: https://bit.ly/3QlkSPR

NEW EPISODE ALERT! Today, we’re sharing our conversation with Audrey Blake from our #biglibraryread interview on 7/26.

We talk with writing duo Jaima and Regina, and hear how they started writing together, came up with their pen name, and so much more.


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