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Bestselling Young Adult author Courtney Summers returns to discuss her new book I’m the Girl. She shares with Jill the inspiration behind her book, writing books about teen girls for teen girls, the cultural systems in place that perpetuate violence against girls and women, and what it was like slipping a Sadie easter egg into […] Read more
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The Professional Book Nerds welcome back their colleague, Kristin, to discuss all things TBR! They chat about how they “shop their own shelves,” what systems they use for a TBR (to be read) list, and how they figure out what to read and when. Joe shares some insider info on how to best use Libby […] Read more
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Emma chats with Brigid Kemmerer about the second book in her Defy the Night series, Defend the Dawn. They also talk about parenting, writing messy characters because people are messy, and what it’s like to engage with readers IRL after a few years of virtual only events. Read more
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Read an Ebook Day is Sept. 18 and we’re celebrating! For today’s episode, Joe, Emma, and Jill talk with coworkers to find out what everyone is planning on reading for Read an Ebook Day. From graphic novels to steamy romance and lots and lots of fantasy, there’s a little bit of everything. Let us know […] Read more
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