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On today’s episode of the pod, Joe is joined by Adam Sass to discuss his new book The 99 Boyfriends of Micah Summers. They talk about the importance of queer YA romance, how Adam crafts such compelling characters (and why it can be dangerous to write people you know into your characters), and of course, […] Read more
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Tiffany joins Emma, Jill, and Joe to discuss all things series and how to tackle them when it feels daunting. They also share their favorite series of all time, if they prefer stand-alone books, how they feel about re-reading, and more. It’s like book therapy! Titles mentioned in this episode (we’ve linked the first book […] Read more

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On today’s episode Jill is joined by Kathleen West to discuss her new book Home or Away. Kathleen is a hockey mom herself and discusses how her own experiences raising two hockey players played a role in her book, along with writing complicated female friendships and one character with zero redeeming qualities.   Read more
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We talk a lot about the published books, the final stage in the publication process. But what about how authors get there? In today’s episode, Jill is joined by Sydney and the two writers discuss how they go about starting a story, the importance of beta readers, and Jill shares her journey to get a […] Read more
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