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Emma is delighted to welcome back Emily Henry and Julia Whelan to the podcast to discuss their involvement with Happy Place, out on April 25th! They have lively conversation about Emily’s new book, their favorite romance tropes, conquering every industry, their happy places, mocktail hour, and more.   Books mentioned in today’s episode: Beach Read […]

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Ep. #470 – On today’s episode, Adam is joined by Kristin and Emma to dig into what they’ve been reading lately. Buckle up, because this is random list loaded up with all sorts of books! Today’s episode is sponsored by GiveWell. Visit https://www.givewell.org/probooknerds and select [Podcast] and [Professional Book Nerds] at checkout to have your […]

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Hey Nerds! On today’s wide-ranging episode, Penny Reid returns to tell us what she’s been up to and it turns out… it’s a lot! We discuss the multiple books she released in 2019, the exciting new projects she has coming in 2020, and her experiences making cheese, hanging out with wolves, and doing yoga with […]

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