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Ep. #529- This episode is all about books and tea! Plum Deluxe, a truly wonderful tea company, sponsored this episode and so we decided to select book recommendations that go perfectly with our favorite Plum Deluxe teas! Visit https://plumdeluxe.com/pbn and use the promo code PBN to get 10% off your orders through May 1st! They […]

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Ep. #506 — Back in May, Jill was joined by her friends Sydney and Tiffany to discuss the challenges of reading and finishing a book at the beginning of the pandemic. Jill has brought Sydney and Tiffany back to see if reading has gotten any easier over the past seven months (spoiler alert: it has […]

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Ep. #497 – On today’s episode, Mallory O’Meara joins Adam to chat about their post-Halloween reading adventures, holiday bookish traditions, and her upcoming book Girly Drinks! Also, the paperback of Lady from the Black Lagoon is now available! Episode Sponsors: GiveWell – Get your first charitable donation matched – up to TWO HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS […]

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Ep. #486 – On today’s episode, Adam offers book recommendations from Twitter reader requests and then gets into some “Like this, read that!” style picks for all sorts of classic horror novels. There is something for everyone. Books mentioned in this episode: Based off Twitter requests: Holly Zander – Such a Fun Age by Kiley […]

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