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Ep. #473 – On today’s episode, Adam interviews Margaret Owen about her books The Merciful Crow and The Faithless Hawk. They talk about her unique magical systems, the caste structure she developed, the similarities between her fantasy world and current world, and how Dungeons and Dragons has helped her writing process. They also have some […]

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Ep: #459 – On today’s episode, Adam interview debut author Kalynn Bayron about her new young adult dark fantasy, Cinderella is Dead. Kalynn wrote this story because, as a BIPOC author, she never saw characters who looked like herself in the tales she adored growing up and wrote a new narrative. They also discuss how […]

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Today’s episode is a splendidly fun conversation with Ben Aaronovitch, author of the wildly popular Rivers of London series! We nerd out about writing, London, Mythology, police procedurals and so much more. This episode is sponsored by¬†https://literatibooks.com/. Use our promo code PROBOOKNERDS for $20 off your first box of teacher-curated books and beautiful artwork for […]

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